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MFC Sports Performance was created in response to the demand for a smart and safe approach to training athletes. It is our goal to prepare athletes for competition through strength training, flexibility training, speed and agility training, and power training. Our professional, experienced training staff aims to get the most out of each athlete that is part of our program.

Below are some of the various training programs we offer:

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Alex Exit Velocity.jpgAlex Peterson (Downers Grove, IL) has been working hard to become the best all-around baseball player he can be. Alex has been training 3 days per week for the past year and is consistently working on his deadlift, squat, power clean, and core strength!

Exit Velocity is defined as the speed of a baseball after it is hit by a batter. Attaining a high Exit Velocity is one of a hitter’s primary goals.

Over the past year, through hard work and dedication to training, Alex increased his Exit Velocity from 82 mph to 93 mph! Alex is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

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