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Drew trains two times per week at MFC Sports Performance and has been training with MFC Sports Performance for five months. During this time, Drew mainly worked on increasing his strength and power. Greater strength and power help Drew to be faster on the field.

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Feedback from our clients

My boys are at the ages, (twelve and fourteen) that they are becoming more competitive in football. I wanted them to have the opportunity to gain speed, strength, and endurance. I wanted them to learn the right way to train and lift weights. I brought them to Matt because I know he is knowledgeable in training young athletes. After training with Matt I asked my boys to describe their experience. Zach (age 12), ‘Matt is awesome. He pushed me harder than I thought I could go!’ Jake (age 14), ‘Matt really knows his stuff. He helped me with weight lifting. He is really motivating! He knew how to push me to the limit!’

— Juliette J.

Personal trainers provide safe, effective training methods. Thanks Guys.

— Alice Green, NMC Inc.

Experienced trainers and nice facilities. Great advices. Thanks.

—Aman Biot, RC Motors

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