Why do Teen Athletes Need More Muscle?


As a strength and conditioning coach, and trainer who has been working in the fitness field for many years, I can sometimes overlook some of the basic principles when discussing my training philosophy with parents or athletes. I’ve realized one of the most overlooked topics is muscle and why it’s needed, how to get it, and how much to build. Once an athlete gets to the age of hormonal change, or puberty, there is a prime environment for muscle growth … Continue reading

Strength Training for Teenagers


The teenage years are perhaps the strangest and most challenging of years for a growing child. In this article, I would like to present my thoughts and ideas regarding strength development for kids in their teens. For example, when is it appropriate for a child to start strength training? What kind of strength training should be utilized? Is it safe or mentally and emotionally healthy for a teenager to begin strength training? All of these concerns are answered in this … Continue reading