Athletics for Life


Throughout my life, I have gone from being a soccer player, to baseball player, to volleyball player, to bodybuilder, to weight lifter, to competitive strongman athlete, to power lifter, and a whole bunch of other fitness/sport related identities in between. I love fitness and athletics so much that I will never go a day or two without doing something fitness or sport related, as it is simply engrained in me to do so. My desire now is to have the … Continue reading

Strength Training for Teenagers


The teenage years are perhaps the strangest and most challenging of years for a growing child. In this article, I would like to present my thoughts and ideas regarding strength development for kids in their teens. For example, when is it appropriate for a child to start strength training? What kind of strength training should be utilized? Is it safe or mentally and emotionally healthy for a teenager to begin strength training? All of these concerns are answered in this … Continue reading