Is Your Child’s Strength and Conditioning Program Effective?

tired bball players

I have seen a growing trend in fitness that has bothered me, and that is the idea that child or teen athletes should be working out for their sport to the point where it causes nausea and/or vomiting. Furthermore, workouts are pushed past the athletes’ limits by trainers or strength coaches on purpose. Somehow, this is justified as a good workout because the athlete threw up or became nauseous, when the reality is that this is almost pointless, is dangerous, … Continue reading

Athlete of the Month AJ Manganello!


Over the last few months, AJ has become one of MFC Sports Performance’s top performers. At just nine years old, AJ pushes himself training every week and it has paid off. Through training twice per week, AJ’s speed has improved dramatically, along with his core strength. Through his persistence and commitment, AJ has turned his biggest obstacles into his greatest strengths. His largest improvement has been in lower body strength, he now can empty sled push 30 yards, turn around, … Continue reading

Athletics for Life


Throughout my life, I have gone from being a soccer player, to baseball player, to volleyball player, to bodybuilder, to weight lifter, to competitive strongman athlete, to power lifter, and a whole bunch of other fitness/sport related identities in between. I love fitness and athletics so much that I will never go a day or two without doing something fitness or sport related, as it is simply engrained in me to do so. My desire now is to have the … Continue reading