Drew Nash Personal Training Story

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Drew trains two times per week at MFC Sports Performance and has been training with MFC Sports Performance for five months. During this time, Drew mainly worked on increasing his strength and power. Greater strength and power help Drew to be faster on the field.

Drew and MFCSP worked very hard on improving his push up strength. Drew is now able to wear a 40-pound vest for 5-10 perfect push-up repetitions. Also, Drew’s squat strength significantly increased due to his training. Drew is able to wear a weighted vest and hold a 50-pound dumbbell for multiple sets of 15 reps of squats. Light trap bar deadlifting is also an important part of Drew’s training. Light trap bar deadlifting is safe and effective for younger athletes, like Drew, who have the body control necessary for the movement. Drew’s training also includes performing full range of motion chin ups with an additional 25-pounds of weight attached to a workout belt for multiple sets of six.

As a result of this extra strength and power, and a bit of speed training, Drew lowered his 30 yard sprint time by over 0.25 seconds. Drew worked hard to attain the speed, power, and strength he know possesses. Drew got stronger day by day and is now reaping the benefits of his hard work. Other athletes can also attain greater speed, power, and strength through training with MFC Sports Performance.

Drew has safely developed an intimidating level of strength, power, and speed that is typically not seen in kids his age. He has worked hard at MFC Sports Performance to get to this point, and the on field results speak for themselves.

Here’s Drew Nash in the State Championship Wrestling match:

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