Break Free from Dieting and Hours of Cardio

This article is the second part of a series of three articles that deal with the metabolism of the human body.  In the last article, “The Sad State of the American Metabolism,” I presented my thoughts on what is causing our obesity epidemic from a metabolic standpoint.  In this article, I wish to continue this presentation about metabolisms that are damaged, and how your daily food and exercise choices either help build the metabolism or damage it further. Being straightforward, … Continue reading

The Sad State of the American Metabolism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 35.1% of adults 20 years of age and older are obese in America, and 69% are either obese or overweight. This is data collected from 2012 and this is higher than I remember these numbers from a few years ago. We know for sure that being overweight or obese directly puts you at risk for basically every health issue out there: coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers (endometrial, breast, and … Continue reading

Calories for Adults

In the last article we took some time breaking down the vital macronutrients that the body needs for daily sustenance.  I also conveyed my thoughts on trendy dieting, and how it can be a very dangerous situation for your health at worst, and at best, will likely result in crash dieting and a dramatic weight loss/re-gain cycle that will wreak havoc on your metabolism. For this week’s wellness topic, I will pass along my thoughts and experiences that I’ve had … Continue reading

Macronutrients and Fad Diets

Food is a great pleasure, is it not?  Food fuels our brains, gives us energy, helps our bodies to recover, helps us to fight disease, and can taste incredibly awesome.  As my friends and colleagues know, eating is one of my favorite pastimes.  However, eating in general is a double-edged sword.  Food can be easily abused, misused, ignored, or relied upon.  With that being said, and before I proceed, I need to say, I am not a certified nutritionist.  But … Continue reading

Can Kids Get Faster by Getting Stronger?

The number one reason that parents bring their children into our facility is to get them faster.  The common phrases I hear are “he needs to get quicker” or “we just need to focus on her speed” or, my personal favorite, “we do not care about how strong she is, she just needs to be faster.”  Regardless of the sport, it seems that kids who are athletes just need to be faster on the field or court. One life lesson … Continue reading

Kids’ General Fitness

Before I decided to pursue my Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and eventually become a trainer and strength coach, I had plans on becoming a physical education teacher.  I attained a Bachelors degree in Physical Education, but my passion for learning about the human body’s anatomy and physiology in relation to physical exercise really captivated me.   I got out of college and trained adults and managed a gym for a while, but now my career is taking me back in … Continue reading

The Necessity of Strength Training for Kids

In previous articles, we discussed why it is crucial to strength train for adults.  Kids, as it turns out, need strength training as well.  Does this come as a surprise?  It should not.  In our day-to-day lives, we are doing more sitting (which has been shown to increase the occurrence of heart disease significantly) and are becoming tighter, weaker, and fatter as a society.  Are kids really that different?  Definitely not. In fact, I fear we are setting up kids … Continue reading

Strength Training, Mobility, and Soft-Tissue


In past articles we discussed how and why strength training is vital in the battle of the bulge, as it builds muscle and speeds up metabolism.  We also touched on how to incorporate strength training into your routine, and which type of strength training might be best for you.  What I would like to do now is talk about two strength training components that seem to be overlooked by most people. Strength training can be quite an enjoyable experience, when … Continue reading

How to Establish your Strength Training Routine

In previous articles, we discussed that blind weight loss is not a great gauge of fitness progress. Instead, focusing your attention on body re-composition is the key to long-term progress and real fitness success. Gaining muscle and losing fat is the name of the game, and not random weight loss. One of the most effective methods of gaining muscle, and thereby boosting metabolic rate, is with some form of muscular strength training. To reiterate from last week’s article, there are … Continue reading

Strength Training is Not Just for Bodybuilders

Welcome back to Weekly Wellness.  With the first three articles, I laid the foundation for everyone to understand my perspective on burning fat, building muscle mass to aid your body’s metabolism, and how a few minor changes in your wellness routines could lead to big changes in your body.  One of those changes was to shift some of your focus away from cardiovascular workouts and add more strength training workouts to your routine.  So let’s take a look at strength … Continue reading