Freshman Makes Varsity Baseball Team in High School

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We train athletes to be as strong, powerful, and explosive as physically possible – and as a result of this and Josh’s hard work, Josh gained 20 pounds of muscle in three months at just 14 years of age. Josh is an incredibly hard worker and driven athlete. So when he brought that mental aspect and applied it to our training philosophy at MFC Sports Performance, he experienced remarkable progress. His squat nearly DOUBLED, and he is handling 20 pounds … Continue reading

Drew Nash Personal Training Story

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Drew trains two times per week at MFC Sports Performance and has been training with MFC Sports Performance for five months. During this time, Drew mainly worked on increasing his strength and power. Greater strength and power help Drew to be faster on the field. Drew and MFCSP worked very hard on improving his push up strength. Drew is now able to wear a 40-pound vest for 5-10 perfect push-up repetitions. Also, Drew’s squat strength significantly increased due to his … Continue reading