Nutrition Tips for Kids


I feel it would be valuable to give my insight on nutrition for kids from my own personal experience working with many kids.  I will start by detailing the method I use for educating kids on nutritional habits and the types of foods to consume before and after athletic events. When I work with kids aged 10 years old and older, they usually listen very well when it comes to nutritional information.  For kids younger than 10, it’s usually in … Continue reading

If You Don’t Move Your Joints, You Lose Your Joints

I have written on this topic before, but I feel it is worth an entire article to really hammer home the importance of this health topic.  I feel blessed because I believe I am in a unique position to inform people of the best ways to live physically healthy lives.  Nothing becomes more important to a person’s health than the health of your joints.  If you lack joint ROM (range-of-motion), it makes all of life’s activities difficult or impossible.  Most … Continue reading

Should Children Specialize in One Sport?


There is a growing trend in America to have children specialize in just one sport at quite a young age.  It seems like the three sport athlete is a stereotype of the past, and for kids to really excel at a sport they must devote nearly all of their time and energy to developing skills related to that sport at a very young age.  But is this really necessary or beneficial?  There are many physical, emotional, and social costs to … Continue reading

The Quickest Way to Get Your Kids in Shape

As a trainer of children and adults of all ages, I have realized there are more effective ways of improving a child’s fitness level compared to adults.  Many of the basic concepts apply, but for kids, I have narrowed the list down to several key concepts to start applying immediately that will have dramatic effects on a child’s fitness level and body fat reduction, if needed. What to Eat, and What Not to Eat Proper nutrition is vital for children. … Continue reading

Strengthen the Family with Physical Fitness

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, my wife and I are anticipating the birth of our firstborn child.  I’m not sure if it’s my natural, fatherly instincts that are kicking in, but I am already visualizing playing with my son, teaching him about life, morals and values, and giving him the best I have to offer with what my life has taught me in 30 years.  While there are so many beliefs and worldviews, I feel that we can all agree … Continue reading

Running – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise have been popular since the aerobics boom of the 1970s.  Marathon running in the Olympics and several doctors who focused on the positives of aerobic work really helped accelerate interest in running in this country.  Overall, I would say this was a step in the right direction for improving fitness.  At the same time, with the vast scientific knowledge we now have in many facets of human physiology and fitness, I believe it … Continue reading

Break Free from Dieting and Hours of Cardio

This article is the second part of a series of three articles that deal with the metabolism of the human body.  In the last article, “The Sad State of the American Metabolism,” I presented my thoughts on what is causing our obesity epidemic from a metabolic standpoint.  In this article, I wish to continue this presentation about metabolisms that are damaged, and how your daily food and exercise choices either help build the metabolism or damage it further. Being straightforward, … Continue reading

The Sad State of the American Metabolism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 35.1% of adults 20 years of age and older are obese in America, and 69% are either obese or overweight. This is data collected from 2012 and this is higher than I remember these numbers from a few years ago. We know for sure that being overweight or obese directly puts you at risk for basically every health issue out there: coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers (endometrial, breast, and … Continue reading

Calories for Adults

In the last article we took some time breaking down the vital macronutrients that the body needs for daily sustenance.  I also conveyed my thoughts on trendy dieting, and how it can be a very dangerous situation for your health at worst, and at best, will likely result in crash dieting and a dramatic weight loss/re-gain cycle that will wreak havoc on your metabolism. For this week’s wellness topic, I will pass along my thoughts and experiences that I’ve had … Continue reading